Ban appeal, Archoas


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My in game name is Archoas. I'm a new player and this is my first server, so I'm not exactly an experienced player. When I entered survival I ran around till I found what looked like a torn down house, so I plundered it. It wasn't abandoned. So I got banned for griefing, by spartangod or something. so that's it, didn't know, hope I get unbanned.


Server Administrator
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Archoas, your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we have reached a decision. It may take 3-5 days so please be patient and be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you. In the meantime, please review our server rules here.


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Thanks for your patience, Archoas. The moderators have come to a decision, and have decided that you will be temporarily banned. You will be unbanned on November 7th. We look forward to seeing you on the server then.