Ban Appeal EpicBurn Using Inappropriate Words in Chat

Epic Burn

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I would like to appoligize up front for my misbehavor with using the chat in gameand to appoligize to the player and moderator that i affended.

I was minding my own bisuness in pvp just looking around and asking others if they could use an extra helping hand. Well as I came across another factions territory ( in which i dont really understand them yet since im still new to the system) i was attacked without any warning from Hei2. Of course this made me mad and i started disrespecting( started with saying "Your bad kid") him 4 killing me without any propercation. I had nothing of value on me and thought that wasnt really right. well isntead of him trying to give me a good reason other then its pvp thats what ur supposed 2 do and u aquired ur things, he started to disrespect me in return. Well the disrespecting from him wasnt game relaited and started to insult me on paying 4 VIP( in which i purchased VIP to help the server out since Ive been playing on it for a while and might as well help out in turn) that right there caused me to start being more rude with my words. I was getting frustrated and making it worse his friend had to pitch in, well i started trying to use cuse words in my sentences. They were getting blocked and added to my anger and i dicided to use , after each word so my message could get out. When i said those words the moderator started to warn me i shouldn't be saying those words and this is a G-rated server. Well i took his little warning a bit 2 serious and said another bad word which it hasnt been blocked yet and i quote "Why don't you get him off my ballz", once i said that i knew i was going to be banned. I would like to say something though if the moderator was there and was just waiting for that right moment to jump in and send out warnings why didnt he stop the conversation from the start? Thats my question if u see a arguement getting out of hand you should stop it right, not just sit there and wait to ban someone to me that seems unfair. At the end before i left i did say i hope he dies in prison which is really low and you shouldnt be saying for someone to die in real life over a video game. I would just like to appoligize again for my wrongs and hope that in my appoligy you would let me back on. In doing so i will not play pvp for a while so that my attitude will not get the best of me and still want to have a fun time on your server. If i do get back on to your server could you please tell Hei2 to not insult me for things outside of the game and i wont do the same to him.

Thank you for your time and hope this gets resolved as soon as possible.



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Thankyou for a very good ban appeal. I would just like to point out that I was the one to ban you after I found out what you said - the moderator in question was unsure of the steps to take so I took them for him. As you have said, your language was completely inappropriate, however you have mentioned there might be a valid reason for it so I will go over the chat logs between you and Hei2 to try and get the full picture. Can you remember the name of his friend that was also antagonising you?

Epic Burn

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I cant remember his name only know he was a VIP+ and has a "s" at the begining of his account name. i don't think he/she was antagonising really just Hei2 was talking with him and i thought he was saying things also to me. It just seem like they were friends since they were calling by name in real life.


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The Moderator Team has come to a decision and we've decided that you will be unbanned.

I have found that if you start getting called names, it's best to just log off minecraft server, log on here, and write a PM about it to the mods (You could make it to all of us moderators and administrators). This helps blow off steam and at the same time also informs us about the situation. ;) :thumbsup: I should know, I've written many myself.

See you on the server soon.
Have a nice day. soon as the server comes back up lol .......yah