ban appeal for atomicnapalm


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Yes this a second attempt at a ban appeal but please hear me out.
I belong to another server, not to be named, but i would also like to play on this server too.
You already know what happened and all that stuff but really please listen.
I would like to play on this server as a creative and pvp back up server.
I'm not angry at anyone, i hold no hostility to the server or its people.
I don't hate the mods they where just doing there job.
Even if you say no i wont get angry.
But please give me another chance, even if you guys decide to watch me and if i do something bad ill get banned for good that will work .
And trust me this server is epic and i wouldn't do a thing to hurt it.
But this time i dont want any other mod, i want to talk to sgt spike

thanks for your time,


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I value my moderators' opinions, so I don't really appreciate the fact that you say you don't want to talk to any of them. Will it change the outcome as to who gives you the result? Absolutely not. Either way, myself and the rest of the moderators will make the decision.

That last statement you made makes me nervous that you will still have no respect for moderators while playing here.


Server Moderator
Hello atomicnapalm,
Unfortunately you'll have to take the decision the moderator team has come to from me.

The moderators have discussed your appeal, and we have decided to give you another chance, so you will be unbanned.

We hope that your prolonged absence from our server will help you reflect on what you said and did. We will happily welcome you back to our community, but please remember that you must always respect other members of our community, particularly moderators. If you have an issue with someone's behaviour remove yourself from the game and talk to SgtSpike or any other member of the moderator team, where you can be assured it will be discussed fairly.

Please make sure you refresh yourself with our rules before playing and note that we will find out if you break them. If you do break our rules you will be permanently banned, do not let us down after giving you this opportunity.