Ban appeal for Chris123abc2.


Server Moderator, Inventionist.
My nephew was caught stealing on build multiple times about 3-4 months ago, for the past couple months he has been on and off a few different servers, he has been a pretty contributing member of another server the past couple months and hasn't broken the rules from my understanding, my nephew apologizes for any inconveniences he may have caused and he wishes to play on Minecraftcc again, I will personally look after him and make sure he doesn't break rules, he said he will follow the rules with out fail and if he does break a rule he expects to be banished on the spot. To add again he is extremely apologetic for what he has done, I ask to please reconsider his ban, thanks guys!


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
Sorry if this isn't as relevant to the ban appeal as I think it is but aren't people meant to make their own ban appeals e.g. not have it written by their Uncle?