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I was banned for a few minutes ago for stealing a jack o lantern i think? They also told my I was looking through 13 chests but never said what i took. I doubt I took anything since I only had 2 bones, 2 arrows, some dirt, cobblestone, and a wooden pick in my inventory. i have not created any chests. I found the jack o lantern in some random plot of grass with no house/ human change in sight. If you can, check your logs. Is there a way I can get unbanned for this misunderstanding? I was having a fun time in that server (even started my own house in dwarftown) when some mod told me I was banned. Does this server give warnings or something? I'm sorry if I stole a jack o lantern (from who, idk) and for looking through chests (I din't know that was illegal, and I didn't take anything). This is one of the first servers I've used since I got an account and was really enjoying the buildings/people.

On another note, a few minutes before this incident I was telling someone (forgot the name) how logan(forgot full name) was griefing someones house. I helped rebuild part of the house he built (mainly some fence/dirt).Check you logs please. I don't think it was fair for banning a person who was reporting someone. Next time, I'll make sure to read every rule and not just assume the looking through chests was ok.

Thanks for reading and I hope this gets fixed.

UPDATE: I just got banned from the pvp server for no reason? Do the admins hate me? They just said my name, I replied "yes?" and then i got banned? Now I know this is a mistake since I did absolutely nothing. This isn't being a good experience for me since, every minecraftcc server i go to i get banned? and the second banned had no explanation?


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while i was on i read the comments made from alost i believe he shoould have a second chance (unless this is the second chance)


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You weren't supposed to be allowed on pvp. There is a glitch where when i don't use caps in the ban, you can come right back. Sorry about it, there is nothing against you personally. Your case is being reviewed by the mods and admins right now. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.
I can vouch for teh for the few minutes he was on pvp he was very friendly and said he really didn't know what he really did wrong. It was just a simple mistake/misunderstanding


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The moderators have discussed your appeal and you will be unbanned (this may either take effect immediately or at next server restart, give it some time if you cannot get in).
However, please do not look in other people's chests, a good rule of thumb is that if it isn't yours (and you do not have explicit permission from the owner) it is best to leave it well alone. Even looking in chests can lead to a ban, as it looks very suspicious, so consider this a warning.
Hope to see you on the server again :)
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