ban appeal

noel kim

New Member
in game name: Gighalo

i got banned today 4/28/2011 for x-ray modding. i am sorry for what i did and i wont do it again. i and i kinda screwed up the first time... i lied the first time because i was scared i was going to get banned....because this was one of the best server i have played on for a really long time. if you can forgive me and unban me i promise that i wont lie/hack/cheat or do anything like that and i really like this server my friends like it ( they didn't know i was hacking and i told them and they were mad so i will get rid of the mod and never hack again). i hope i can come back on this server i really liked it and I promise i wont do it again


Community Administrator
We'll post your appeal and discuss it then get back to you. Could take up to 3 days.