Ban Appeal

Hello! I've played on this server before and I LOVE it ! I've was being banned becouse someone has hacked my minecraft profile: Kriss0706. So could you guys get me into the server again? This is the best server I EVER have played on.

From: Kristoffer Andersen
In-game-name: Kriss0706


Site Admin & Server Owner
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Kris - when did you yourself log in to the server? And do you have any idea who the hacker might have been or when he acquired your account?
No. Everything I know is that someone has hacked my profile... Becouse when I was going to go into the Server ( It was "you died" I clicked respawn... save and quit to title. And next day I've got banned for griefing, when I did see that I was banned I did go to and changed my password quickly! Kriss
But can you please unban me? I loves this server! This is the best server I've ever played on!! I love the rules, love the maps, love my friends on this server! Please unban me!


Server Administrator
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Kriss0706 the Moderating Team has come the decision that you are to be Permantly Banned. I wish you the best in luck to find another server where you enjoy gameplay.