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Hi im Zurg007 and I got banned from build server and I don't know why.
It started when I recommended Minecraft to a friend of mine, I also told him of this server. So I came on and went my friend (ItzBuzzBaby) told me he made a house so I asked if I may see it. He says Ok. We came up to this castle area and he started breaking some glass and I got a little bit confused, I could not tell if he was in his house or he was destroying glass for the fun of it. McBubblz saw him and told ItzBuzzBaby off for destroying glass, he also told me that I should tell someone if anyone was griefing. I was about to explain the situation when all of a sudden minecraft crashed (this happens to me like every 20 mins or so). Later my friend phoned me to say he got banned, I told him he got banned for griefing.
Two days later im trying to get onto the server then it said I was banned from the server. The only thing I broke in that server was a tree 90 blocks away from anything. I hope someone understands this :p


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Zurg, we will review your appeal and get back to you as soon as we can. This may be a couple days as we wait for responses.

Just so you know, you were banned for going through houses, and as a precaution due to being with Buzz and not saying anything as he was griefing. He broke alot of windows giving you plenty of time to say something. If you hadn't crashed and we had more time to talk you may not have been banned, but logging off after I banned your friend seemed really suspicious. I waited a couple hours before adding your name as well in the hopes that you would have come back on.
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