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Well, I was mentioning that my town got a person to live in it and some VIP member along the lines of Lancer said.

"Well you don't know him IRL, non VIP"

I said "Can the elitism dickhead"

after saying that I was banned, I sincerely don't get why the elitism was tolerated at all, by I shouldn't have sworn. I apologize on my behalf and I hope to continue being a member of the community.



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Acshiom, thanks for posting your appeal. Certainly, one of the rules of the server is to have respect for all players, so elitism would be considered against said rule. While we try to watch for offensive statements, it is often easier to pick out a swear word vs picking out something that may be considered offensive to another player.

I will go ahead and give you another chance on the server, but in the future, if someone makes a statement that offends you or you think breaks the rules, and you do not believe a mod noticed it, please either contact a mod via /msg in-game, or post a screenshot of the text in the "griefers and thieves" subforum.


Aschiom, I just want to point out that it seems that was not really Eliticism.
It's simply that guest players (players with white names) are not as trustworthy. Simply because anyone can join a server an grief. By donating, you are contributing to the server. Highly reducing the likelyhood that you will grief. While we have had VIP griefers in the past, it is by far less likely than and standard guest griefer.

You need to understand where it's coming from. Also, towns are usually considered not safe if Guests are allowed in them.

All I'm saying is don't jump to conclusions.

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