Ban for smilekev123


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My in minecraft in game name is smilekev123. I was stealing and greifing because I was greedy and I don't know who banned me or date/time. I'm sorry for not knowing the specifics.


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Smilekev123 your ban appeal is now up for discussion with the Moderating Team. Please be patient as it could take 3-5 days (maybe longer since there are more ban appeals right now). Keep an eye on here since if we have any questions this will be the spot they will be placed. In the mean time why don't you check out our rules and give them a review.


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Smilekev, do you promise not to grief in the future? Will you give back all of the materials you have stolen? Will you fix the places you have griefed?


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Smilekev, please respond back to Sgt. If you haven't replied to this thread by Nov. 30, then I'm going to close it to prevent clutter, and we'll have to start over on your appeal.