Banned off a whim, sweet

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It's pretty cool how I was banned for using resources that I found at the bottom of some abandoned cavern. It's also pretty cool how Vargess banned me even after I insisted on showing him where I found it.

But hey, if it's alright with Spike that his OP bans people without even giving them a chance to redeem themselves in a CLEARLY grey area case, then I guess that's just fine huh? :roll:


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Here's the facts of the case:
- You said you found pumpkins/tracks in an abandoned cave.
- The only way pumpkins/tracks are found in a cave is if they are put there by another player.
- There is no such thing as an abandoned cave - if someone has stuff in the cave, they probably mean to return to it at some point.
- Theft is against server rules.

You robbed another player, then tried to brush off the blame by claiming it was abandoned. Now maybe you truly do feel that any cave without a player is abandoned, but I'd like to have security in the fact that when I log off, other players aren't ravaging my homes as being "abandoned".

iTeet, I would have given you a second chance if it wasn't for your attitude. If you had come in here with an attitude that said, "Hey, I know what I did broke the server rules, and I'm sorry", then you'd probably still be able to play on the server. Your lying, sarcasm, and slander is not something we want around here.
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