Beautiful Meteorite Build in Creative, Who Owns You?


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Often, I find myself flying across the creative world. Generally, I head the same direction and always come across this meteorite that I'm always in awe of. Something this complicated would have taken a lot of time, patience and skill. I always wonder, who built this?

I figured I'd ask you all, see if anyone knows!

Coordinates: 1724 / 1460



Lover of Cats and Potato
I do hope we find the person! I'd love to know what inspired them, and how long this took, even in creative mode! Perhaps it was a build they moved to creative! All the questions <3


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No, this was a creative build. I don't remember who built it, but if we give @SgtSpike the co-ords we might be able to poll the old database and find out?

I do remember some people visiting our server after this was built by hand, (I know because I was around in creative while it was being built) and they demanded we removed it and wipe it out as it was "an exact duplicate from their server". We refused to remove it since it was built by hand and not by any world-edit paste in. If someone did copy it in with something else (third party software) then they did it without us knowing it.


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Didn't CoffeeJunky made the Pompeii volcano ? Maybe he made this as well.

Hi there, by the way ^^

It is very creative and unique, yet not that complicated to achieve as it is mostly "just" a sphere with parallele spikes on it's back and random flying blocks. The placement of the glowing blocks is smart and well done.


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Oliverw92 wasn't bad either, he could have make this. He was around, pretty sure he made the arena of Pompeii back in the beginning of Creative.


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That was both myself and Oliverw92 who built that. Way back when we first thought of having creative, I think we were mainly trying out the WorldEdit tools at the time. The small building I seem to remember us having a trial or wedding (?) with some of the server crew back then. Eagle is spot on, someone complained about it, we did build it and not dupe it!

I left loads of things around on that old map that I never publicly mentioned....

Good times! If only I had time to do such things again...