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Discussion in 'League Of Legends' started by flame9156, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. flame9156

    flame9156 \_ <-----The Seat

    What have you done/happened to you in a game of LoL that has made you feel amazing/ happy/like nothing can stop you?
    Mine was my first penta kill.
  2. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

    Best part of LOL is when it got it's own channel and I didn't have to listen to people play it anymore.
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  3. flame9156

    flame9156 \_ <-----The Seat

  4. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

    When I played with Inuu and Archilles as LB and flew across the map because of a glitch.
  5. flame9156

    flame9156 \_ <-----The Seat

    Couldnt you do your platform and recall then hit your platform again and you'd go across the map?
  6. FrothingLuck

    FrothingLuck Most Disliked Since 2015!

    When I killed 4 minions... in a whole game. I'm terrible at LoL
  7. TiGonn

    TiGonn Pikkkaa!

    I'm still fairly new to LoL. I've never even got a quadra kill. :(

    Anyway, my best moment so far was probably when the other team destroyed both of our nexus turrets, I respawned as Nasus and drove them all out, gaining 3 kills in the process and saving the game. We eventually won that game.

    The other team was nooby sure, but it was so much fun.

    other than that it tends to be specfic champs that are very fun to use. Ziggs and Orianna are examples of champs that are a blast to use.
  8. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

    Ziggs is a "blast" to use. He's the "bomb"
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  9. rampaging13

    rampaging13 Active Member

    Hmmmm my best time in League was probably whilst playing Katarina and went 54/10 in a game of PvP. Best game I've ever had kill wise and got a penta in the process.
  10. SgtSpike

    SgtSpike Site Admin & Server Owner Staff Member

    Hudy and I wrecked DOM last night... was pretty fun.
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  11. Jacca

    Jacca Active Member

    "Almost" penta-kill with Master Yi so many times and 34/10 with Cassiopedia.
    It always feels awesome saving my team from death as Zilean and watching everyone die as well.
  12. flame9156

    flame9156 \_ <-----The Seat

    Honestly when you spell Cassio like that it reminds me of a famous bear that most people know about......
  13. stary326

    stary326 I'm back !

    When I teleported in a team fight cause my team did a 5v3.. And I killed everyone as fiora :p
  14. MrTitan9

    MrTitan9 Former Server Moderator and Gearsofwar9

    Shooting Ashe arrow down the middle to stun everyone than the team aces them. Also shooting an arrow down the middle hitting someone in spawn for the lols
  15. hacattack3000

    hacattack3000 Retired Plugin Admin


    That is all.
  16. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

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  17. nogo1109

    nogo1109 Active Member

    Getting my 6th (i belive) legendary skin, "I'm OP? Your mums OP"
    and my 7th, I fire rockets on my favorite champ now :D
  18. VacantSkull

    VacantSkull Brass Cat

    when i went 13 and 6 as tristana :]
  19. MrTitan9

    MrTitan9 Former Server Moderator and Gearsofwar9

    My best memory of Lol was when it was me, Jacca and Kotah vs. Inuu, Rampaging and Boston. It was a random lock and we all had to go mid. I got Morde and Jacca got Ashe so we traded champions. So we were playing it was a great game, but at the end I carried us to victory, then Jacca said "Gears is slowly getting scary."
  20. VacantSkull

    VacantSkull Brass Cat

    I did hear that, gratz gears you're officially scary!

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