Black Ops


Resurrected Miner
About 6 hours here until CoD releases yet another repackaged version of the same old shooter. Anyone else shamefully giddy? :lol:


Resurrected Miner
Yeah me too, that was the shamefully part. Its kind of sad to think of how much time I've still poured into fps's. :oops:

If your into RPGs have you tried out Mass Effect? Not exactly your most hardcore of RPGs, and yeah I know it's got more than a little bit of third person shooter mixed in, but my god is it addicting!


Potato Overlord
I'm assuming it's been released by now xD
Anyone still play this game, just out of curiosity?
I've never gotten a very solid opinion on it.
I'd like to know what people think of it after the update(s) (not really sure how many there are/have been o.o). .