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Hey all,

after talking to legion he told me that the builder world needs redstoners too, as i'm a fan of this I'll try to get my builder rights with some redstone awesomeness i built, this is however in the single player, since i could spawn my redstone there, these projects involve a lot of redstone & therefor are hard to make in build/pvp/survival.


When you open the save file, you will find yourself at some stairs, wich are my first attempt to make 'hidden base staircases' if you press the button, you'll see the magic happen

the big redstone bomb can be found by following the red wool pillars & pressing the button in that wall, then step back to see the wall entirely.





I zipped the save file, simply unzip & drag into your minecraft saves folder ;)



please let me know any future redstone ideas i might be crazy enough to build :p


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How do we know you just didn't nab that save file off the Internets?
Also no one else is allowed to go make their things in single player and you are no exception.

There are alot of people who have more redstone than they know what to do with, just ask for some.