Bookcases, Sugar Canes, Wood, Melons and Bread!


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Here we have Bookcases, Sugar Canes, Wood, Melons and Bread for trade!

Can be bought on: Build or Survival

Here are the prices:

Bookcase (stack) = 12 iron ingots or 1 diamond and 5 iron ingots.
Sugar canes (stack) = 2 iron ingots.
Wood logs (stack) = 3 iron ingots.
Melon (stack) = 2 iron ingots.
Bread (stack) = 4 iron ingots.

Message me in-game and we'll sort something out ;)


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Hi Ashy, welcome to the sever forums, haven't seen you around before, whats your in game name?
Firstly, You may have to wait until the main maps are back and updated to 1.1. When minecraft updated we started a temp map, and most people updated to play on that, leaving all their items on the old maps. Once we update, they will all be back, and be able to get to their stuff again. Second, check the dates of the posts,(lower left corner, next to the report button) this was last brought up 2 months ago. The items may not be available anymore through maz, but if you ask on the server you could probably find someone else selling.


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Actually, I am on most nights from 6PM GMT and I am still on version 1.0! I never update until this server is updated.

Let me know what it is you want and I'll get it ready for you and then you catch me any time in-game to make the trade.