Boxland Build Contest #1

Discussion in 'Creative' started by MajorWumpus, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    Build contest in Boxland is going to start on March 28, and run through April 4. That's 8 full days to build. At that point the builds will be locked. Any player may view the builds and rate them, and then a winner will be declared.

    Anyone who is interested may participate. Just respond to this post or start a conversation with me on the forums so I can get the build plots ready to go.

    There will be a theme for the contest which will be announced the day it begins. If you have suggestions for a theme, please forward them along.

    There will be prizes for the winner, more on this later.

    Contestants so far: Nightox, Cakle, toxic_cow, ClippyJr, RecoveryAngel, lexilozuli
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  2. Nightox

    Nightox Goodie from Germany Staff Member

    Great idea.
    I would like to take part!
  3. Cakle

    Cakle Pastry Enthusiast

    I'm in! :cool:
  4. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    toxic_cow is in too, he talked to me directly.
    Please, if you want to take part (and anyone can) just let me know before the start of the contest, as there is some prep work I need to do.
  5. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    ClippyJr is in too.
  6. RecoveryAngel

    RecoveryAngel Server Moderator Staff Member

    Yes please :)
  7. toxic_cow

    toxic_cow Just a cow Staff Member

    Cant wait!
  8. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    contest is up and running.

    There were a couple of issues with lighting, unexplained dark areas. I think I fixed everything but if you run into something like that just let me know.
    Also, need to specify this because I didn't really stress it... the outer wall is only there to keep people from peeking until the build part is done.
    It will go away. You could certainly build right up to the wall, but don't build assuming the wall will be there.
  9. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    The build portion of the contest is done, and the plots are locked and ready to view.
    You can use /warp buildcontest1 to get to the contest plots, there are 6 in total.
    You can go in to the plots, look around, in some cases interact with them.
    If you want to add a rating to a plot use /plot rate <1..10>
    Once you set a rating, you cannot change it. And you are setting your rating for the plot you are current in.
    A couple caveats... if you were a contestant, don't rate your own plot. And don't use alts to rate a plot multiple times.
    We'll leave things open until the end of Sunday for people to rate the plots, then announce a winner.

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