branny999's ban appeal

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hello, my brother has explained what iv done and i didnt know that what i did was grieving. there was a hole in the volcano so i filled it in and put a bit around it. i thought i was being helpful but i know now that it was an inconvinience. im sorry for that and im sorry to oli (branny666 told me it was your volcano) i hope you'll unban me but i understand if you dont. sorry if i wasted your time.


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I'm going to unban you because there wasn't too much, but in the future follow this rule - if you didn't make it, don't touch it.

I'm resetting your account as a punishment - you will reappear at spawn and your inventory will be wiped.

When you reconnect to the server type /rules and read the rules again. I'm going to reset your account too


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You will have to wait until the next server restart. This could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 3-5 hours.
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