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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by JMB1304, May 2, 2016.

  1. JMB1304

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    Hey Everyone! After the reset, I decided to create a subway system on the survival build server! Because of the 100 block rule and stuff like that, I am making this thread to see if anyone wants to have a subway station at / inside / near their house. If you agree, that means that I can build a subway station within 100 blocks of your house. I am planning on making several lines and will keep this thread posted with the latest updates regarding the status, list of stations, and lines. If you are interested, please post below! I will begin to start building the "A" line soon and building a central terminal for all the lines to connect to. There will be a fee to ride. The fee will be 1 iron ingot. After you pay your fare, you can ride the system anywhere. I am basing it off of New York City's subway system. If you have any questions please post in the forum below.

    • No Griefing
    • Do NOT break your minecarts after you get off. They will be re-used.
    • No Stealing
    • No Circumventing the turnstiles
    • Do not build on top of a station that is near your house unless you have JMB1304's Permission.
    Current Status: No Longer Operational
    System Status: Closed
    Current Stations:

    • Central Hill Station - No Turnstyles yet
    • Spawn Station South - Open
    • Spawn Station North - Coming Soon

    Current Lines:
    • "A" Line
    "A" Line Stops:
    • Central Hill Station
    • Spawn Station South
    • Spawn Station North
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  2. bigierc617

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    Like the idea of railway
    I believe crypto had a good one in the last build. just be sure to ask the people whos path you cross incase they have something planned in their area
  3. JMB1304

    JMB1304 Awesomeness

    Would you be interested in having a station near your house?
  4. crypto4coin

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    I did have one in the works on the last build map, this time around I'll work on something in build that is more surface oriented instead of tunnels (much less work). Been busy with things on the real life server so slacked off a bit since the map reset.

    Your welcome to work on something in survival, best of luck with it.
  5. Cakle

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    Hey there JMB, I noticed you built a station inside part of my hill near spawn, I hadn't yet fenced off the land but I assumed the signs and protection fields would keep people away until I had gotten around to it. I don't mind that you're close to me, but I'm planning to use that entire hill. could I ask you to move it back a bit? I believe this is line A.
  6. JMB1304

    JMB1304 Awesomeness

    I am sorry for building inside your area. I did not realize that you had claimed it. I already have lots of underground tunnels for the subway near that station. I can move the entrance but i can't really move the platform underground. I think that the platform is at level 56 if that is ok. If you have a suggestion to where I should move it please tell me.

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