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What does this server do for a living?

I have 3 jobs right now plus going to college.

I currently work for my colleges Tech Support.

I am also a Government Contractor for the United States District Courts (I install audio and video cables and install flat screens and projectors.)

And finally, this is less of a career and more of what I do with my money, I make movies. Specifically, little shorts. I'm not proud of any of them enough to show everyone but, perhaps one day.

TL;DR post your jobs


I'm working on my major in Journalism. I plan to either become a writer for a magazine, a novelist, or a critic. And believe me, I would be a great critic. XD


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I started out in an ice cream parlor a month before I turned 16, and working as a teachers assistant in my charter school for technology classes.

Got a job offer at a game development company to do audio design when I just started college, so I went and worked for them for a couple of years. The company went broke because our main publisher neglected to pay us $6M that we were owed.

Found a job at the current company I am with as a IT person working 30 hrs/week + full time college for the last 3 years of my college, and recently switched to a full time accounting role after I graduated with a degree in accounting. I've been there almost 5 years now.


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I'm in school and just barely old enough to get a job, so none yet :/
But I hope to one day be a chef of sorts :3 Preferable a pastry chef :p


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I started out working at Newberry's at age 14. I had several bar-tending/ waitressing, lab and sales jobs thru college and the next few years, and then found my niche as a professional recruiter for the construction industry.. at first commercial and bridges, later on in hitech, healthcare and sports. Chances are my guys have built something in a town near you.
I also taught classes and gave seminars in interviewing, letter writing and resume writing to get a career position.
I am happy to share any of my docs or published articles with anyone who needs help. Send me a PM.


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I have worked for the past years in construction and house remodeling with my dad. I did things like plumbing, minor electrical work, framing, leveling houses, roofing, painting, drywall, cabinets,tile, bathrooms, ect. I also did iron structure/laminate work, welding and some masonry , garden work and other detailed work. When i was 17 I volunteered at the texas department of human services being a switch board operator which I only lasted 4 months, I started college when I was 18, when I was 21 I got a basic certificate in computer servicing/network, I continued my education , during that time I did a lot research and gathering stuff for lab and saving up,by them I had basic knowledge in computer maintenance, C++, laboratory safety, chemical process/chemistry, networking, electronic/electrical circuit design and PCB. Later I got a job in a gas station stocking up merchandise, I only lasted 3 weeks because the gas station closed. During that time I continued working with my dad, but also I fixed computers for a living, also during that time I started doing merchant work with ebay selling computer components. When I was 23 a friend got me a job with the census, after the census ended I got a job in jack in the box, during this time I got introduced to bitcoin via my curiosity of looking up the webpage wikileaks, I left the job at jack in the box because of too much problems between the co workers and the manager. after I left a friend of mine got me a job with family dollar, I got fired due to the conflict between my friend and the manager. By then I had already graduated with an associates degree in computer engineering in applied science. after wards I started getting into bitcoin mining and making a living . Later on I made a living as a part time engineer by contract doing work with minor circuits, ICs, ect. After wards I decided to start a company a company called linktacom which is still in development. From there I transferred and started attending University of Houston for my bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and minor in Organic Chemistry. Later on bitcoin led me to become interested in investing in forex, hedging between crypto currency, crypto stocks, commodities, futures market, bonds and mutual funds. As of right now I do investments for living to finance my school, my company and my lab. And I'm a share holder of coca cola, facebook, twitter, Intel,, Nike,Microsoft and 21st century fox.