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Supposedly one of the most realistic out there... it fooled a judge into thinking it was human.

All I gotta say is, that must be one dumb judge.

EDIT: My new goal - Find out who Suzette's boyfriend is. :D


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lol.. not bad, not bad. :lol:

*begins to wonder what Spike does in his spare time to find such things*


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LOL.. I happened to come across the thread just now..

I sadly realized at that moment that I put my own foot in my mouth as I go to the same source. :roll: :oops:


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It's fairly overloaded. Just keep trying to log in with different names until you get the following message:
[ Af:0 At:7 Sp:0] Welcome, yourname. Type "help" if you need it.
Then, she's ready to talk. :)


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Managed to get it to work earlier. All I can say is how it fooled a judging panel I'll never know. If this convinced someone that it is human I am baffled how.
I guess it's not that AI has got more advanced just that humans have got stupider, thus lowering the required convincingness for the Turing test.

Still in it's defence it kept changing the subject, just like a real woman :roll: :lol:


[ Af:3 At:5 Sp:0] Let's switch to the topic of telephones. Cellphones are a lot like babies.
Danny - Not true, I drop mine all the time
Danny - Well, my cellphone, not my baby
Danny - Hello?