check your router?


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Spike, what kind of router are you using for the server?
I wonder if that might be one of the problems with lag.


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It's just a cheapo netgear. I've thought about it, but working on fixing the more obvious points of lag right now (namely, the CPU/RAM usage nearly always capped out).

I did have a DD-WRT-enabled WRT54G router for a while, but it died. Stopped allowing wireless connections, etc. I have another one, but am afraid the same thing might happen... I also had to reset it fairly often, whereas I haven't had to reset the cheapo netgear I'm currently running a single time.

It's kind of one of those things... "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Right now, I have no indication that it is causing lag. Any time lag is induced right now, it is during a level save. Those will naturally take a while, even with an SSD, because it is only happening once every 30 minutes, and lots of people are making changes all over the map (or exploring new areas). There are small bits of lag here and there as well, but those are usually due to one of two things: RAM usage up to 100%, due to memory leak in server software, or CPU usage up to or near 100%. The CPU issue will be mostly fixed via the X4 that I need to install, and I am waiting for a server update to fix the memory leak issue.

Beyond that, I'm saving donations to put towards a better internet connection (more bandwith/month), as well as an i7 platform upgrade. I may look at a new router, but I'd have to have good indications that it would produce the same levels of reliability that I've seen in my cheapo Netgear. DD-WRT hasn't shown those assurances, and I have yet to see anything that doesn't cost a couple hundred dollars or more that I could put faith in.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Thanks for the suggestion - do you have any opinions as to a good, extremely reliable replacement? Something that has been proven to handle 30+ connections at the same time?