Christmas building competition!


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Hi everyone!
Because im in cristmas mood right now, i've decided to make a little building contest.
The rules are simple. Just post one or two picture(s) of a building or structure from Minecraft, and i'll decide what building/structure should win :D. The only rule: it MUST be christmas themed!
The winner gets to choose between Penumbra: Black Plauge OR Killing floor.

The contest will be closed Dec 25. 2011

Please notice that the winner must have a Steam account to recieve the game.

Good luck and merry cristmas! :D

--EDIT-- Please do not post any questions, comments etc. here. PM them to me :p. This thread is ONLY for entries.

Things i forgot to say:

Question: Does the picture have to be something that I have built?
Yes. And you may build as a group, but please be aware that only one steam account can get the prize.

Question #2: Are custom texture packs (say, a Christmas-themed pack) allowed?
Yes. As long as the structure is Christmas themed :)


I see your Creeper Calendar. I raise you one Christmas themed town. I'll enter my town Alpine as my submission.


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I see your Chrismas themes town. I raise you a Santa, Snow Golem, Santa's sleigh, and an Alien reindeer.
I enter these beautiful creations.

EDIT* RAT and Trout both helped me.
Trout with the santa and RAT with the "Alien duck ant deer abomination."



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Actually this alien duck ant deer is mine too. I made half of it. But i didn't know that it will be so... Ducky ?!


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Alright, epic Christmas tree + presents + train set!

/warp Christmas if you'd like to visit.

Thanks to PD400, SPARTANGOD, Eagle, wombatus, and others I have already forgotten for the help. :)




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Remember, you only have [Insert number here] hours left! It would be a good time to enter now, if you haven't already :)


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First of all, sorry it took some time.
But i've found a winner.
Congratulations! :D

Spartan, please send me your steam username and which game you want :)