Cikkirock's shop of marvelous exotics!


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Hey everyone!

Tired of your old diamond pickaxe?
your old armor?
Do you think it is time for an upgrade?
If yes, head on over to New Aalborg (/Warp NewAalborg)only VIP's can /warp) and into my shop, I am selling enchanted armor and tools, along with other magnificent items such as potions, bookcases and enchantment tables!

Here is a quick summary of the items you can buy:

Enchantment table: 3 diamonds.
Blaze rod: 1 Diamond.
Bookcases, 1 stack: 1 diamond.

Potion of swiftness I (8:00): 5 Iron ingots.
Potion of swiftness II (1:30): 5 iron ingots.

All items is exclusive the material cost of the tool, weapon or armor.
Enchanted items with 2 or less enchants can be bought with iron ingots, with a ratio of 20 ingots a diamond.

1 Enchant: 1 Diamond.
2 Enchants: 2 Diamonds.
3 Enchants: 4 Diamonds.
4 Enchants: 6 Diamonds.
5 Enchants: 10 Diamonds.
6 Enchants: 14 Diamonds.
7 Enchants: 20 Diamonds.
8 Enchants: 26 Diamonds.
9 Enchants: 32 Diamonds.
10 Enchants: 40 Diamonds.
11 Enchants: 50 Diamonds.
12 Enchants: 60 Diamonds.

Example: Diamonds pickaxe(Unbreaking III)
Pickaxe(3 diamonds) + 3 Enchants(4 diamonds) = 7 diamonds total.

Have a hard time getting to the shop?
Tell me what you're looking for, and for the small ammount of 5 iron ingots I'll deliver it to your front door!

Please notice that all items is in limited amounts, and the quantity of each item will differ from day to day.

Special offers and items may occur.

Have a nice day, hope to see you at the shop.


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i has one question, lets say for a diamond pickaxe of efficiency or endurance would and i supplied the pick, could i pay in iron blocks?


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If you supply the pickaxe (unused) I will gladly trade it for an enchanted pickaxe, under the condition that you pay for the enchantments itself.
If there are 2 or less enchantments, you can pay in iron blocks.


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Oh yeah new account for my own reasons but also that is in survial me wanting to buy the 32 blaze rods