Coffeejunky's Lucid Texture Mix


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IMPORTANT: As of August 2011 coffeejunky's Lucid Mix has been renamed to the MinecraftCC General Pack. Don't worry, not much has changed. You can find the page to download and view the pack here. If you have any suggestions for the pack, please post them here.


Hello all,
After much adjusting and changing I present you my custom texture mix that I use. This is a 16px texture pack (same as default)
It is based mostly off of Moontrain's Lucid Pack, Quandry and Painterly pack, though there are textures here from John Smith's, GeruDOKU and default, I think thats it. Some of the textures have been modified by me (I smoothed out dirt, ice and grass and changed the hue of the water, I custom modded in the ores as the Lucid ones are pretty awful. I also added a custom block break animation that combines cracking and a progress bar)

Feaures -
-High visibility clay.
-Custom water and custom lava.
-GUI reskins.
-Better Sun and Moon.
-No Clouds!
-Low noise textures compared to default look cleaner
-Block break animation (Optional)
-Some 1x1 paintings can double up as signs to map your more getting lost.
-Jack-o-Lanterns have been converted to lanterns, they look much more useful now.
-Nice particle effects (redstone and fire smoke).
-Clean dyed wool blocks, wool blocks look more vivid.
-User experience will be almost identical to default as no textures have been altered massively

Pictures -

All the blocks in one place.

(and moonscapes)

Download it here -
This is the default option, if you don't know what the other packs do, use this one!

If you would rather not have the block break progress bar, download this version -

You can install this by just dropping it into the 'Texture Packs' folder in .minecraft in the %appdata%/roaming directory. I do recommend using MCPatcher though to get full support for custom water and lava. Give it a go and let me know what you think, if you want any modification to it I will try and do them for you.

NOTE: I did not create these textures, I take no credit for them, if you like my pack, check out theirs too.

Old Versions (do not reccomend using) -
0.1 - ...
0.2 - ...
0.3 - ...
0.4 - ...
0.5 - ...
0.6 - ...
0.7 - ...
0.8 - ...
0.9 - ...
1.0 - ...
1.1 - ...
1.2 - ...


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Updated to work with Minecraft 1.3 -
See OP
Still fully compatible with v1.2 as well.
Changelog -
Changed gravel to Painterly varient
Changed Brick to Quandry brick which looks nicer IMO.
Added Bed, redstone repeater and updated redstone texture so it works.


Could you post some pictures of what the bricks, stone, diamonds, etc look like? Perhaps beds too? :mrgreen:


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Sure, see first post

If you need to see anything else, let me know.
Also if you have downloaded version 0.2 since I uploaded it, please re-download it as I kinda forgot to add the new items in items.png. This has now been fixed and a new version uploaded -
See OP


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PD400 said:
Is that the bloody obisidian texture? And is the warning stripe block the new bedrock?
Warning stripe is slow sand (lol).
Far left middle is bedrock, to the right of bedrock is obsidian, the bleeding obsidian texture is in the 0.2 pack just in case, but I haven't shown it as I can't spawn it lol.


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New update -

Download it from OP

Changelog -
-Added realistic ores rather than the placeholder high-vis ones. These look much nicer IMO. Redstone comes from default textures, Iron (modified by me to improve visibility), Gold, Coal and Diamond come from Quandry. And Lapis ore is from the Painterly Pack. As requested by Macbookfan.
-Changed the Cobblestone texture to match the texture found in the latest of Moontrain's lucid pack.
-Added Wildgrass support!

Here is a picture of the ores -


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Minecraft Auth servers being down meant I had some more time to work on this, another update!

Changelog -
-Better sidegrass (less blurry)
-Changed minecart tracks to Painterly variant.
-Altered Jack-o-Lanterns to even nice lanterns (customised versions of the painterly lightstone option)
-Changed cactus to painterly Flowered variant.
-Improved bookcases using Painterly books.
-Reverted to original Lucid Pack Soul Sand.
-Changed clot armour to adventurers gear.

Download here -
See OP

Mental_Atom requested a version without the progress bar, you can find that here -
See OP


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THANK YOU i was thinking of not downloading it becuase of the high vis ores but thanks for switching them will try it ASAP


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v0.6 is out!

Building on suggestions from testers I have made the following changes -
-Mossy cobble is now more mossy and more cobb-ly, merged painterly mossy cobble variant with the Lucid pack smooth.
-Cobble stone is now bigger blocks and blends nicer with the smoothstone, also a result of me combining painterly cobble texture with the Lucid smooth stone.
-Changed saplings to the painterly saplings, look nicer IMO.
-Lightstone changed to Painterly varient, means its less yellow, which is nice.
-GUI background changed to the same background as the 'Minecraft News' site in the Minecraft launcher. This also matches nicely with the modded launcher I use.

Download it here! -
See OP

EDIT: Also a version for those who dislike the progress bar -
See OP


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Advize has updated his rather epic biome coloured sidegrass mod to work with Bettergrass as well. I have made a new version of the texture pack for this mod.

First download his mod here - ... 2&t=183921

Extract it and pick the version you want (I highly recommend 2.3 Sidegrass fix with BG)

Install my texture mix (only use this version if you want biome sidegrass to work) -
See OP

I'll update this version as often as the other 2 versions.

Open minecraft.jar using an archiving program such as 7-zip. Drag and drop the BetterGrass.class, bw.class and qk.class into the root directory of minecraft.jar. Do NOT copy the terrain.png file if you want to use my mix!

Close the archiving program.

Launch minecraft and enjoy!


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Updated the texture pack to be Minecraft 1.4 compatible. Version 0.7 can be downloaded from the First post (there are 3 versions, normal, no progress bars and biome sidegrass)

Changelog -
-Added Cookie image from default textures (for now)
-Sheep are now black skinned (taken from Painterly)
-Changed Fish and Cooked Fish to Painterly versions


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New Update!

Download version 0.8 from the OP, I have also included a 4th version of the pack as requested by oli, this will support biome sidegrass (when it is updated for 1.4) and has no block break progress bars.

Changelog -
-New Pack Icon and Description.
-Added Wolf Taming Love Hearts, Which I kinda Forgot.
-Changed Cake to Painterly Variant. It is now cheesecake.
-New Furnace GUI - Has item burn durations on it now.
-I tweaked the new Minecraft title so it looks less pink and pixely. Fits nicer with the GUI I use.
-Changed Iron Doors to a modified version of the Quandry doors.
-Changed Cookie Icon to a Painterly variant, looks nice than default.

Hope you enjoy it!


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CJ, putting the no bar texture pack in my texture folder literally breaks my minecraft and makes it unusable...


I'm out, come find me elsewhere.
Scratch that, both packs do it. Completely make my game unplayable, just goes to black screen after mojang logo. Is fixed once I removed the texture packs manually.


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Ah good catch. Seems to be an issue with using a high res title image. Anything else high res is seemingly okay but not that. It works fine if you use mcpatcher but not if you don't you get a black screen on startup. I have fixed the files now, so re-download and try it again ;)