Command Blocks For Builders.

Should Command Blocks Be Allowed In Creative ?

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Hey cc just wondering if Command Blocks should be allowed in creative ? or can it be possible to apply for them in a separate application. I have some great games i have seen on youtube that i would like to recreate for the entertainment of you. I understand there are negatives to command blocks as well as the positives but the positives can help me design some pretty cool games that could go into games world if good enough. Anyway let me know if this is a good idea or a bad idea i am open to all feedback.


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I put only for trusted people, (if at all) and by that I mean level 3 mods and higher cause they can be rather laggy, and from my experience are rather taxing on servers especially in large quantities.


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No. Not at all. Not for creative. Not for trusted members.

Command blocks require that any player using them is both in Creative mode and OPed on the server. We will not be giving OP access to players so that they can build in Creative world. They also give access to any commands (bukkit plugins commands as well) that the server has, including those that alter the terrain. The only restrictions apply to banning, kicking, white-lists, etc.

Command blocks can even spawn more command blocks with commands to create an infinite reaction across the world. To see an example of this, please go to this thread


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You can crash the server or destroy a map pretty easily with command blocks. So no, not a good idea.