Well Well Well. Feel I might a swell add my tuppence to these controversial arguments! :p

For gaming, I have a gaming PC I built about two or three years ago. Rarity for me to get any lag whats-so-ever on it. Upgrade it every know and then with whatever I can get my hands on :) For web design and stuff I do love to use macs, don't Have any particular problems with PC at all, just one of those apple-maniacs, as you would see with my collection of Ipods, but I am yet to get an Iphone but refuse to waste my money on an Ipad, unless of course I win the lottery, in which case I would also buy a mac with the 27" monitor. Overall I would choose PC over mac for diversity as I prefer the more things available to windows systems, although of course things continue to come out more towards mac these days. Surfing with google chrome on vista home premium on my gaming PC is great though!

Xbox 360
This is my preffered console If I could only chose one. Great games on it, don't personally feel much point in buying the 250g or the slim unless I win the lottery...again...
Love xbox live but what I don't love is the fact my xbox is broke and having to have all of its organs transplanted, I refuse to let it go though after its 4 or 5 fixes at both stores :lol: Not got connect buy have played it and it looks great, supposedly at the moment it does not properly register all races when they step in front of it. No idea who owns Microsoft now but wonder if they have anything to say on this!

Don't have much to say on kinect vs ps3 move, kinect looks more fun and I haven't had a chance yet to play move, nor do I own a ps3.


Turtle Lover
Hmm, well me mum likes playing on me wii.

Wii wii jokes aside.

-No words, just awesome. The only downside is that in MP there is a huge, HUGE amount of hackers. Ruins the fun for me sometimes (minecraft). Yet at the same time, adds a new level of challenge and makes me a better player (counter-strike source).

-Netflix, Zelda, Super Smash Bros. Solid performance, feels slow at times, but worth it I guess.

-Awesome hardware, but a lack of games early on gave ps3 some early bad rep. I hardly play it and when I do it's for exceptional games such as MGS (reason my brother bought it)

-Like the ps3 but handheld, better games IMO, great tool for modders/hackers. Heck, I even loaded windows xp onto this thing. No complaints whatsoever, I even talk via skype with psp's built-in microphone. Mind you, this is the slim-3x series

-Owned the original xbox, I played kotor and halo on it....was about it. I don't want to pay a subscription to play online, screw that. So I stopped supporting them.