what do you think about craftbook?

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I was looking up some redstone stuff for my watch on the temp server, and came across craftbook-mod
this mod allows players to control even more trough redstone. For example, open & close gates, use bridges, control lights in a room (brighter than redstone lights), build mob spawners (ofcourse it can be disabled) and more awesome stuff, even programmable ic's wich could enrich the server a whole lot, since a lot more minecraft-redstone projects can be made with fewer space.

please let me know what you guys think about it, and ofcourse, if this is actually alowed on the server :)


edit: link to craftbook wiki:


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this is amazing, this threat has been vieuwed 26 times, maby 3 times by me, and still no comments... no thoughts at all???


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Haha, ok, I suppose I should say something here. :)

I won't say that I absolutely will not allow it, but my initial feeling is a no, for two main reasons:
1. It's another plugin that we would have to wait for before we move back to the main maps (versus playing the temporary maps) each time there is a Notch update. Also, it's another plugin that will consume more server resources, has the potential to crash, and has the potential to interfere with other plugins.
2. The idea of this community is to have gameplay as close to what "Notch intended" as possible. Admittedly, we've strayed away from that idea with the usage of towny, etc, but I still try to stay as close to possible to that original intention. I find that players who enter a new server actually enjoy having as few mods as possible, so that they know exactly how to play and what to expect. Having redstone (or anything else) perform in an unfamiliar way when a player enters a server is not a good way to welcome them in.


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This Craftbook sounds awesome, but i dont even know how to use redstone, but i guess someone could learn me! ;)

But if SgtSpike says no, i guess it is a no.
Would have been cool tho, to see what people could create with this! :D