Deadlys ban appeal

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  1. 3 minutes ago - Deadly:
    I'm a good faithful player. I'm always fair and love trading. Once in a while I may get testy and do things I shouldn't. I've been on a while now and have amassed lots of stuff. In fact, I'm practically rich. I enjoy playing minecraft because I have severe tendonitis and I am no longer the top runner in Oregon.
  2. 3 minutes ago - Deadly:
    I would never steal
  3. 2 minutes ago - Deadly:
    Plus, The chests I was opening belonged to one of my friends on minecraft
  4. A moment ago - Deadly:
    Also, I acknowledge the fact that opening chests is a no-no but I sometimes double click on accident because my mouse is tricky. I was no accident that time though
  5. A moment ago - Deadly:
    I am deeply sorry


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Deadly, we are currently discussing your request. Please be patient as it may take a couple or more days.


Community Administrator
Deadly, we have discussed your case and we have decided to unban you. However, be warned!

You are now on our Watch List. You have been warned several times about snooping around into other player's chests. That is NOT OK! If we discover that you have or are opening chests that do not belong to you, we will enforce a ban and it will NOT be revoked!

Review our rules and post back here that you understand and agree.
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