Deadmaggi banned "bad test"

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Ingame Name : Deadmaggi
IRL Name : Magnus / call me Maggi =D
Country : Norway
Year : 16
Banreason : Walking on water
Explanation : My friend Kasper just made a new litle mod, hes a friend in IRL that love to play games with me =) He made it and wanted me to test it, i did get some problems tho, my minecraft screen got black and it went bannanas =P I deleted the .jar file and made it up again, Sorry for testing this and getting caouth on this server, what i am asking for is a unban, and i will not use any kind off mods, like theese things again on this server.
Good things about this server : I really loved this server =D Very nice, with alot off member online all time, and some are very friendly, I love how the admins have made 4 worlds work together like this, This is different and much cooler from anything ive seen on all the other servers.
What going to do about it : Going to restart/reinstall the whole MC over again to delete all theese modded files, this will not happend again, i am perenoally not a fan off hacks and mods, but just wanted to be nice to my best IRL friend =) Hope you can understand..



Ok thanks, for the quick Answear =)
I understand the consequenses, and will use my time to wait for youre answear =)
Have fun playing


Server Moderator
The mods have reached a decision.
You will be unbanned, but your inventory will be cleared as punishment.
Please be more careful in future, if we catch you using hacks or modifications like this again you will be banned permanently!
Hacking is something we take very seriously.

You should be unbanned at the next server restart.


And yeah, i understand the pnishment for modding, it will not happen again, or atleast not on youre server. =P
Good news that i am unbanned tho, cuzz this server is pertty good, to the others ive been on =D
Now its just go back to my friends and begin PvP again =)
Have fun and keep gaming, mods =)

Anyways, Dont worry! Be Happy <3
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