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/warp Bazaar
Once another type shop, bazaar, almost as in the East. Many different ways of payment for different items on two floors.
Other floors come later.
The name of the shopping center is "Bazaar".
I hope that my Bazaar is used by all players active.
Incidentally, it is a joint effort, with the other participants want to stay in the background.
thank you
warp Bazaar-1.png warp Bazaar-4.png warp Bazaar-6.png warp Bazaar-2.png warp Bazaar-3.png warp Bazaar-5.png


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Dear sausemaus,
Thank you for taking the time to apply for a public warp. We (the moderation and administration team) will now vote on this and decide whether or not this is worthy of a public warp. Please note that this process will take 7 days, at which time we will reply to this thread informing you of our decision.

Good luck!

PS: Could I please get the world it was built in and the coordinates? Thanks. We like to come check it out "in person" for a better grasp on how well this fits in with the standard for public access warps.


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Dear @sausemouse,

Thank you for being patient while we vote. We have decided that your project will not become a new public warp. We thank you for your time and effort in creating this, however we feel that it needs more to become a public warp. After some testing, we found some of the outputs of the shops to be either unfinished or faulty or lack the necessary demand*. Don't be bummed though, keep at it and you may make it in the future. You may reapply the same location after 14-days.

Good luck in the future :)