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You should know the drill. And no organizing to make yourself look cool! Show it as it is! Me I live in chaos!desktop.jpg


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I run a custom rainmeter setup for the desktop overlay. I also use Launchy (the black bar in the top right. The big round thing on the left is a clock and activity monitor (the bars move round with different levels of activity). My core apps are on the left as well as an rss feed from reddit and performance monitoring. Did this a while back to improve my workflow.



I have Rainmeter, but I never bothered to take the time to customize it or play around with it. I'm running the most basic Gnometer configuration for it, mainly to see highlights of things I need to see.

The few things I did try to change with the rainmeter program always seemed to break, even though I'm fairly familiar with style sheets... Lemme get a screenshot. :)


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I win :p

Idk whats on my desktop anymore just random junk, half the stuff i never use.

With the background it changes from the LoL splash pictures every 3min :p Currently it is soraka.

Also this is a laptop desktop, you should see my main computers one, it has 4x the stuff there


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Heres mine -

Desktop icons disabled ftw, I manage just fine with takbar jumplists for folders I need.
Running rainmeter, with modified skins, GMail skin (made to look like the Informer widget I used to use back on Konfabulator) and a basic multipurpose skin in bottom right, shows me CPU usage, uptime, SSD access (to check its not being thrashed by a program) and weather.
Oli share that rainmeter skin plox, want to mess with it.


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It's just the Enigma theme but with stuff ripped out. I then used a program to change the windows start logo. The giant circle thing - I can't remember what it is, but the guy who made Enigma talks about it somewhere.


Jeez, I would show mine, but I would be embarassed. I only have windows XP D: All you fancy windows 7 people.


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Windows 7 + Rainmeter = FTW

I have done so many things with it.. becomes a conversation piece when I bring my laptop to public places.. and their like "WHAT is that?.. Is that windows?" :wth:


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Jeez, I would show mine, but I would be embarassed. I only have windows XP D: All you fancy windows 7 people.
You can make XP look great too, I'll post up my netbook's desktop later, look into some custom themes (you need to find a uxtheme.dll patcher - which can cause bad things to happen - so use caution if bricking windows would get you in trouble). And rainmeter works just as well on xp ;)


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I always keep my desktop clean, you can see my priorities right there, work, minecraft, music.. although I think I have them backwards. Haven't gotten around to customizing anything. I haven't even uploaded my backgrounds, this is just a default.


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All i did was just copy/paste a bunch of bunny pictures into paint from google, but if you really want it i can send it to you over skype if you add me?