Dibzd Hacking?


Earlier today, I found two seperate holes in Olympus leading straight down to bedrock. Upon going down into one, it led straight down into both a vein of Gold, but also diamonds.

Jacca checked the logs and told me Dibzd had dug the hole.

I took a screenshot with the coordinates. Let it be known however I took the gold and diamonds already, as they are within the town's borders.


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we will look into this. see if this is a habit of his.

but far warning, this might have been dug from a chunk error.

EDIT: i take that back. the diamonds and gold were still there? thats just weird.


And then proceeded to cover upthe holes with cobble, as if he planned to return later. Just wanted to get it out there, because this hole went right through gold, diamond, iron, and lapis.


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Ok, we'll keep an eye out. It could have been from a chunk error too - I've used those myself (when they were happening) to find some diamonds.


I know, but it seemed suspicious to me seeing as chunk errors hardly happen anymore. As a side note, I found another hole leading straight down, this one with no ores. I had a mod check it and I was told MCxMammer dug it (He's a friend, and co-owner of the town) But I think it could be Mammer had only dug the top block, seeing as the entire area near that hole had been dug up earlier and made into a lake.

Either way, I still know where both holes are, so if need be I can lead a mod to them.