Do any of you pleebs still play this game?

Discussion in 'League Of Legends' started by Hudy, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

  2. YerOfficeBuddy

    YerOfficeBuddy If you're a rat, I've got a 9 for that

    Do you even lift?
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  3. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    A friend of mine and I got into ranked a while back, surpassed our other, more annoying and league-obsessed friends, and the we realized we never needed to play again. Unfortunately I was bored and got back into it the other day. I hadn't been on in a while, so I've dropped pretty far down into silver V. The community of that game is just as poisonous and evil as ever, so I'll probably leave it again.
  4. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

    No, lifting is for pleebs as well, pleebian. :^)
  5. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    If you intend to use words you picked up from someone else online, please check the spelling first. Plebeian and Plebes are both fine. If you want to use a slang version, then 'pleb' and 'plebs' were terms arising in the 19th century (300 years after the original usage) by simply using the Latin root instead of the English derivations.

    True patricians know their world history! Stay in school, kids :)
  6. boemen

    boemen Falcon Gaming

    I get on every now and then to play a match with friends.
    Feel free to add me at FalconGaming4. But asked me to play ranked and I will go hide in a rabbit hole
  7. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    Ugh, I need people to help with my promotionals to silver IV though :( Every time I start them I hit games were my teams disconnect.
  8. YerOfficeBuddy

    YerOfficeBuddy If you're a rat, I've got a 9 for that

    Indeed. Learn to spell, you mere serf.
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  9. Wobicus

    Wobicus !!!

    I believe the term is "Learn how to spell." Please check the grammar first.
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  10. Gibitul

    Gibitul Active Member

    Meh never bothered to learn to play league of legends, too steep lerning curve (same w/ dota)
  11. YerOfficeBuddy

    YerOfficeBuddy If you're a rat, I've got a 9 for that

    Oh my! It appears I did not pay attention to what words I was typing. Allow me to correct such a silly mistake I've made.

    However I'm quite sure I said "to" instead of "you".

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