Dogboy45's ban appeal.


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Hello. My brother dog boy can't find out how to post a ban appeal on here and I am to lazy to help him.(he is also very uncooperative and spazes out on me sometimes). Anyways me,silverzone2, am writing this because he would really like to be unbanned. He was banned for griefing,speed hacking and theft. He was banned by drmadfellow. He didn't speed hack or grief or theif. Drmadfellow probably said he was griefing because he was helping me and Laurent923 with his mob tower. Me and dog boy were his helpers. And probably said he was thieving because him and I were stocking the chests in laurents storage Room with the mob drops we got from the tower.and we have super amazing Internet where I live. In Canada!!!!!!!!!! That's why he probably thought he was speed hacking. He didn't do any of these things he was accused of. He sits in the chair across from me (on our computer Table, we are a very organized family). Also in addition to the wrong accusations used against my brother, drmadfellow was going to ban me! He said and i remember this cause my brother tells me to post this alot, "ok, your turn silver!". And i think your anti-hacking device has a few tweaks. Because about a month ago I was accused of speed hacking. And I wasn't. Please unban my brother and if possible check the anti-hacking device. Remember you can't trust everything and only seeing believing.


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Hi this is dogboy45 all the things silver zone said was true I never speed hacked I never greifed andni never stole I really likenyour sever and I would really want to come back and I promise I never did any of those things so can I plz have a second chance from dogboy45 :D


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We're going to keep this in one ban appeal, the one that dogboy45 created. Lets not post here anymore please.