DoomVorlor's Application


Lord of the Halfsteps
Hello my name is DoomVorlor and i am very new here.
I am also Gateship's older brother and I helped him design the Cathedral and several other large buildings he has created.

For this application i just did something small, but impressive because i do not like spending large amounts of time gathering materials. I will not build something on a really large scale on the Non-Creative servers as i do not enjoy gathering a large amounts of materials.

That said here are some screen shots and cordinates.
z: On the surface

EDIT: Crap I just looked at some of the other builder apps and alot of them have been declined for not being large enough. So... yeah anybody want to donate a boatload of cobble, wood and coal so i can make something bigger if i am required to try again?


Lord of the Halfsteps
Unfortunately I was serious, I'll just try to build something bigger over the one week wait time.
Wait, does that mean this small sculpture isn't interesting at all?


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While I do admire the creative use of stairs and slabs to make interesting designs, it would probably do some good to make something a bit bigger. But, it does need to be voted on by the mods, so we'll see.


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Not going to lie, I actually like the way that came out, It shows you can think outside the box when building and dont just use the items in a simple way. I Also would like to see something a bit bigger though, with a little more time put in it. One reason we want to see larger legit builds is that it shows you have also dedicated some time to the server, and are not just trying to get builder to grief. Seeing this though, I think you are capable of making some great structures, lets just see one in your application. If you need help and materials, besides mining, you can always just ask for some help.


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Trippy. Very nice detailing, but it would be great to see something a little larger, or more intricate. Something that has taken a fair bit of planning to complete.


Lord of the Halfsteps
Ok i found a good spot, i had to make it though.
I've got a good amount of wood and cobble stone, but i'm probably going to need some more. (stairs are expensive)
The one thing that I'd REALLY like is Glowstone, but that is hard to get so if anybody had some that they could let me borrow some that'd be nice.
(I'd return the glowstone after i take the screen shots)

I'm probably going to have a week to work on the bigger one, and considering the smaller one here only took me an hour to build it should be awesome.
EDIT: Than- err Merci to RAT 1488 for giving me a Ludicrous amount of Cobblestone


Lord of the Halfsteps
So many people have already gave me so much. I don't really have any more space for much more right now.
But thanks for the offer!


Lord of the Halfsteps
Well, alot of people will also tell you to stop being lazy first and they do have a point.
After reading this and several Resolved Builder Apps i realize that i sounded really whiny/entitled in the first post here. I also found myself agreeing with almost everything Frothing had to say about the other ones.
I probably would have been better off doing my Research first before just thinking i could throw something sloppy together and hoping for the best.

EDIT: I finished a bigger project but have mods already voted on this?
I can just wait the one week before posting more detailed Screenshots of the Sky Sanctuary.
I will probably make some other things over the one week wait time.


Lord of the Halfsteps
Sorry for the Double Post but i've been told to add more details and I didn't think it'd be appropriate to shove them into an edit.

The Sky sanctuary is at:

The Crypt is at

And this is my workbench area. lol