DrMadFellow Stepping Down From Moderator


I'm out, come find me elsewhere.
(Posting a slightly modified version of what I posted in Mod Forums)

It's something I've been thinking about for a while but made me really depressed to think about... I feel it appropriate that I resign as a moderator for the time being. With my new job I work 30-50 hours a week, and then on my days off I am often helping my girlfriend get chores and other things done. I still love this server, and all you players very much. I will continue to play on the server, but based on the amount of time I have (or rather don't have) to dedicate to the server I feel it is no longer appropriate for me to hold a moderator position. Maybe (hopefully) if things change in the future I can return and apply to become a moderator again. Being with you guys has been a great experience and I had TONS of fun doing it. See you round the server :-D

PS: I will still follow you around like a creepy uncle, that will never change.

Hugs and Kisses


Annoying 13 year old.
Seems like most of the good moderators are stepping down. This has been a lame 2 months.