Duplication of Information


Retired Administrator
We need to check that we aren't duplicating data when making new pages. Having the same information across multiple pages could lead to inconsistencies if the info on one page is changed and not on the other etc.

PD400 - just to use an example: your page called 'Mods and Plugins on our server' - http://minecraftcc.com/index.php?wiki/mods-and-plugins-on-our-server/ - is pretty much identical to the already existing page 'Mods and Addons' - http://minecraftcc.com/index.php?wiki/mods-and-addons/ . Rather than have a duplicate page, the extra information in your new page should really just be added to the existing one.


Heheh, I realized that after I made the page. I was going to merge the two pages into one later tonight.

Whoops :p