Dyln123 and Warlordgotswagga's builder application


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Hi, this is Dyln123 and Warlordgotswagga. Here is our builder application. we worked equally on it. I built my house and warlord built his, and we both worked on everything else. We Built a huge! fortress with much awesomeness inside,it includes 2 main houses (mine and warlords),1 guest house, a store, a farm, a night club, a park, and a lookout tower(accessible by the night club).
the warp is fortress and the coords are: X:67448
2011-09-07_20.22.01.pngthis picture above is from the outside, and shows how massive this is.

2011-09-06_18.18.23.pngthis is the warp,fortress. This is the first thing you will see when you warp.
this is the farm
and this is my house! with the guest house in the far bottom left corner, the spawn area above the guest house, and the park in the top right corner.
2011-09-06_18.21.43.pngThis is the inside of my house. Notice the stone floor and the simple, yet beautiful water feature.
2011-09-06_18.19.48.pngIn my house, there was a big open space, i thought where was something... missing. Tis is what i did.
2011-09-06_18.25.24.pngHere is a great picture of the lookout tower!
View attachment 2068Here are some great pictures of Warlord's houseView attachment 2069btw the roof is made of leaves, they are hard to see in this picture.View attachment 20702011-09-07_20.01.32.png2011-09-07_20.02.21.pngThanks for looking at this thread. We hope to become Builders! thanks


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Its actually really cool. The only thing I don't like is the wall around it (kind of bland and just a giant square/rectangle). Other than that great job.


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I've seen the fort in person and I was not really that impressed. I think its a good building just good enough for builder. I mean, there isn't any real rhyme or reason to the buildings. The "spawn" area where you warp is a tad bit mundane and doesn't have any design to it.

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The massive wall ruins it completely for me :\
Ya, ive been hearing that from alot of people. I think some people are looking at it the wrong way though. Its not realy a town, more a fortress with a sort of mini town. It would of ruined the theme for me if i took the wall down.


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Don't take the wall down, but make it look better. For instance, look at the wall around the lighthouse. Put some design work into your wall! It should not just be a wall, it should be a thing of beauty!



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Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Decline your application. You may re-apply in 7 days.

Don't feel disheartened that we have declined your appeal, with some extra hard work you may be successful next time!

How you can improve -
  • More details. Your interiors are awesome! We'd like to see more details given to your exteriors though
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, good luck next time :)