E-Books. Thoughts?

E-Book Preference?

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Forgot the Other option on the poll, If you have another suggestion, let us know^

I mentioned in another thread about the high price of paper books, especially if your like me and can go through a full length novel in just a couple nights, and I would like to know if anyone has experience with E-Books. I just want to know if anyone here has one(or even knows someone who does), what their thoughts are on it and if you would recommend it. I still have some concerns about eye strain with them, and also storage of a library. Would they all allow to have an in house E- Library on another drive after you buy the books? I'm looking for any input here, let us know the good and the bad, anything really.

If your completely out of the loop, and don't want to Google it, An E-Book is an Electronic Book (Get it? E for electronic? pretty simple right?) where you can download books for a fee, usually much cheaper than buying the actual book.


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I'm looking for one as well. though I've been told to check the reviews and wait until Christmas/just after Christmas for some good deals.