Should someone write this plugin?

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With the new 1.8 adventure update, minecraft got a new mob: The Endermen
while they are dangerous, new and exiting, they are also fairly annoying, here is the problem.

Endermen can pick up blocks, and my mob harvester, along with many others, is made out of blocks.

Today I have had to climb up numerous times to fix holes in the walls, and I even had an enderman flood the water system by removing a block, both rendering the tower useless and making it non-automatic, requiring lots of maintenance.

Soon after, kotah showed me his mob tower, also flooded by most likely endermen.

My idea is that someone (oliver) would write a fairly simple plugin that would change the blocks endermen can pick up, like block them from picking up cobblestone, wooden planks etc.
I think it is serverside, so it should work without altering clients.

I am going to put up a vote whether not this should be done.


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Notch said he's going to nerf the endermen from picking up blocks anyway.


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Notch said he's going to nerf the endermen from picking up blocks anyway.
See http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Enderman
The Minecraft Wiki said:
After 1.8, Notch announced that he would be changing the way in which Endermen interact with blocks.[11] As of Beta 1.9 Pre-release 2, Endermen are now limited to the following blocks: [12] [13]

Grass Dirt Sand Gravel Flower
Rose Brown Mushroom Red Mushroom TNT Cactus
Clay Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Melon Mycelium



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For the meanwhile, I think this is a good idea, anyways. 1.9 is still about a month away, not sure


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It isn't that simple. And I don't have time. The only thing i do is turn them off on survival if people wanted.


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Frothing is right. At the risk of sounding like a total suck-up, there's no reason to give the admins more work, especially if they're getting nerfed in a months time. If we remove them for the month, new players will probably complain about the lack of adorable endermen as well.


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2 high ceilings in mine seem to do the trick, I don't think they spawn in water(only spot where its 3 high), wouldn't make sense if they did since that kills them.


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do other mobs spawn in 2 tall areas? if so, im going to modify my design slightly.

endermen are pretty useless now anyways, since there is no use for ender pearls at the moment, I would say disable them for now, but thats just my opinion.


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Thats how a mob tower works, there is dark spawning levels, and water takes them down to a grider.
the thing is that endermen spawn inside, take a few blocks, and then die when they hit the water.
fixed it temporarely with a 2 high ceiling, but the spawning rates seemed to go down.