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Is it okay to sell items in Minecraft? A lot of you think it is, but I pose this question. I for one mine a lot. When I get a lot of something I give it away for free. I personally feel that selling items in minecraft isn't right. We should come together as a commune and help each player out. I am not chiding other players for doing this I am just wondering what is the mentality of selling something when you could just give it for free in hopes that in the future the next time you need something, someone else is there to give you something for free? Anyway I also want everyone to know that when I am online (FrothingLuck) and someone is trying to sell you something I will always give it away for free. It might take a little longer to make/mine what you need but, is it not worth the wait to get it? I also have my own obsidian farm too. Thats all.

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I guess it's because we generally follow the same principles that apply in real life. If everyone shares everything they have with everyone else, then moochers will naturally arise. People who just ask for things, and never contribute. People who reap the benefits of the community, without giving anything back.

Think about the "community chests" that have been placed around before. They're always completely emptied out whenever I find them, which kind of proves my point - people are more apt to take than to give, which means that the people who do the work will end up with less than the people who do not in a "share all" community.

Still, I know we can all appreciate the good spirit of someone willing to give away whatever items are needed by another player! Don't let me discourage you from doing so! ;)


This is my personal opinion:

If I am mining (which I do a lot) and I find masses of something which I do not currently need then I offer it up for free. For example I had about 6 stacks of redstone a few days ago and tried to give some away for free. But say if I have a few diamonds and I need some gold to build something then I will ask if anyone wants to do a trade if they have spare gold and would like some diamonds in return for it. If I dont use something that I have quite a bit of I offer it up or chuck it. I think it's great when people give things away for free and if I can then why not?


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Fan of communism though I may be, I do take a bit of a mixed approach to trading. In general i trade to get gold, simply because I like to have it, though it doesn't do me any good as of yet. But I also like to give things away to people (such as wool and ink sacks back when those were popular) and when I don't I'll at least ask for a reasonable price. My basement is always open (hidden though it may be) to anyone who wants to move in to my house or even just see it and try out my maze. (Sadly, nobody has decided to stay yet, and the general excuse is that one of the spare rooms is haunted by the ghost of Ward 2.) But I digress; Since most people make their homes and mines relatively far away from each other, trading goods is sort of their way of playing together as a community and helping each other create bigger and better things faster.