Famkillaz ban appeal


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Ingame name: Famkillaz

I was banned back in January for stealing bow and arrow and some gold from someones chest. I know I messed up and I won't steal again. I was new to the game when I got banned.

I really want to play this server because my friends play on it.

Thanks for reading!


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Famillaz, thanks for the ban appeal. The moderator/administrator team will review your appeal and get back to you. In the meantime please keep checking back here in case we have questions.



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The moderators have reached a decision famkillaz. We've decided that you will be unbanned.

We would like you to know that even checking someone else's chest can get you into trouble because if they claim that their items are missing, (whether they are or not) and your name is on the chest, then that makes you the thief, when in reality it could have been the guy before you. We would also like you to keep in mind that if you are caught stealing again, you will be swiftly rebanned. :)

It's best to just check your own chests unless you have permission from the other chest owner to take a look. :)

See you on the server later.
Have a good day.