Fanbooyy1 Griefer


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Just a few minutes ago, someone somehow got into my base. His name was Fanbooyy1. The first thing he did was steal from my green house. ... re%205.png

Then he went into my redstone lock room, I haven't tested the circuits to see if he took anything yet though.

After that, I asked him to leave, and he went down into one of the mines in my secret base and when I followed him, he started placing random blocks. ... re%203.png ... re%204.png

Then, when I was destroying the blocks to follow him, I lost his name. I don't know if he exited my base through the intended exit, or if he just typed /spawn or /home.

Then, he started running down the road to Bounceh Town, and started placing more random blocks so I would possibly stop following him. ... re%206.png
At this point, as you can see in the picture, someone named timme701 was with him for some reason, I have strong reason to believe they were together in their griefing adventure, because he never blocked timme, he made sure he got past, and then placed blocks to stop me.

The pictures below are more times he placed blocks to try and stop me. Unfortunately, blocks are placed faster then Diamond Picks (even with click-mining) can destroy them, so I fell behind for a bit. ... re%207.png
In this picture below, he destroyed the walkway bridge and placed blocks to try to stop me, I hopped over the blocks, but fell in his hole... In that picture, you can actually see the_actual_god following me, following them. ... re%208.png

Then, he started knocking torches down, I placed them back up, so you'll notice my amount of torches decrease. ... re%209.png ... e%2010.png ... e%2012.png
And one more picture of him placing random blocks. ... e%2011.png

Please ban him, he really is a griefer.