Fancy Some Reading? (About 4500 words)


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Im school today we had to do a book in a day assessment :/

This is our finally product. It was meant to be 5000 words but one of the group members kinda screwed up and did our whole story in one chapter. Also guess what chapter i did :D

Tell me if you liked this and i might tell you my results of this haha



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I believe he meant what he said.
He can't read, and its not like he would have to know how just to figure out what the topic was about.


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I deaply apologize for what I am about to say but, I could not get into it. I read 2 sentences and closed the window, immediately. I would like to suggest something if you would accept. I think you shouldn't always go straight to the point. Build your way up to the point, and add description to your point. Capture the readers attention! That way they will read past the first chapter. It's always about keeping interest. An uninteresting chapter is what, uninteresting! Make it interesting, and I will read it, I meen no offense by this it's just I could not think of any other way to word my thoughts.


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silver this was an assessment task called book in a day. I did the second chapter while my other group did the other ones. Im sorry if it wasn't good but there is no way for me to change it now as it is a PDF file and i do not have the orginal files anymore. Ive been on hoildays for the past few weeks checking into the forums via my phone. I have also been writing and when i finish it i will let the server read it first and check it etc. I them might go post it on reddit or somewere else.