Farewell MinecraftCC!


For all the people who want to leave CC, DON'T.

At the time, it may feel like you want to leave, but inside you know its not what you want to do. Many people are frustrated with the reset. A few of my friends from this server are telling me how they want to leave. I once made the decision to leave CC, and look at me now. I'm back and here to stay. You shouldn't make rash decisions based on one thing. You have awesome builds on CC correct? Then why don't you build something even more magnificent. 1.9 is a major combat update, and I have a feeling that there will be many recomendations and additions to the games world for PVP. You shouldn't leave the community because of something simple like this. We, CC, are a community, don't leave us.

A message from someone who cares... a lot.
Funny how I liked this message a couple days ago, wondering whether I was going to leave or not, after 3 years on here, and thousands of hours of active playing...
Same thing for me.

After 3 years my time has finally come to an end. I might be around on the server a few times but on a few. These past 3 years on this amazing server have been nothing but wonderful. We had some good times, some fun times, and some sad times. But we are a community, we've always been there for each other. That is something you can't get anywhere else. That is something that if you leave, you can't get.

I am not planning to leave the community entirely, I just won't be seen too much around here anymore.

Man as I type this it is really hard to find the words to get everything I want out.

Given recent events I think it is my time to go and move on. Not only has this community grown over the years, it also shaped me to be a better person. I am who I am today because this server has some really great people. This has brought so many people together. For crying our loud DrMad and Katherine are married! What the heck! That is crazy. No of this would be possible without SgtSpike. So Spike, I thank you for creating an awesome community and keeping it awesome.

Here is, in random order, a list of all the people who made my CC experience so great. Some of them got banned, but if you were in this list, then you are a friend to me.

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Be well Andre. Continue to develop your writing and building skills, both will serve you in the future. The next few years will determine the kind of man you will be.. use them wisely. I wish you dreams and plans, and success in both.


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Sad to see you go Andre.. Golly a lot of people are leaving.. To each their own decisions, but that doesn't mean others are going to be happy about it. Keep going strong, I've seen you mature a lot from the time I've known you.. You can say I've observed from a distance, be that as it may. We'll be here, piddling along, whenever you want to stop by for a chat and a walk down memory lane. To be honest this is going to sound very cliche but I think that this calls for a "This isn't a goodbye, it's a see you later".


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Wow, you even leave me off the list...

Good bye old friend, I hope that your life outside CC is as enjoyable as it was on CC :D
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Sad to see you go as well! Sad i didn't make the list though ;)


"This isn't a goodbye, it's a see you later".
I think Blue said this very well. It is hard to leave a wonderful community forever. Sometimes are just want to come back and check in the middle of the nights and see what has happened. Sometimes you even post. Then, you most likely come back. You realize the friends you left behind, and the wonderful community too. I'm excited to come back and see what has happened. See all of you very soon!