Favourite Mod contest

Who is Your Favourite Moderator

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please vote for your favourite mod
sorry if i missed anyone, i just copied and pasted the mod list and done some from memory


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You missed UltimateIronMan. I'm assuming you grabbed the list from the moderator section of the forums?


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Can you alter the poll at this point by means of comment editing? So you could put the other moderators in.

Well, but I think this whole thing is not a good idea anyway, and I'd rather have it non-existent. Or, at least people should be able to vote for several moderators at once, since this would more properly reflect the truth. For example: I would vote for at least SgtSpike, Vargess, DaClownie, Kiwinz, 1337phreak (who IS Loader, by the way), and maybe others (I am not sure at the moment, I just fell out of bed).

I did NOT vote because, well, who would I vote for if all the mods on my personal hit-list are just right?

This whole thing is a fail in its current form.


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Soc isn't on the list :( well I know he isn't a mod anymore but he always was and always will be my favorite mod.