Favourite Mod contest

Who is Your Favourite Moderator

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  • oliverw92

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  • coffeejunky

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  • Waffl3s

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Unfair advantage for phreak, he gets a vote for two options :p

I joke.

I personally have no favourite. All mods that I've seen do their jobs extremely well.


Minecraft.CC Veteran.
i love the idea and would vote but i dont want the other mods thinking oh he didnt vote for me or she didnt vote for me then not likin g them asmuch.

how many votes do you get?


New Member
but this way the mods can try harder to interact with players more making mods more friendly
You get 4 votes


Former Mod
I voted for everyone, if i wouldnt have been able to vote for everyone i wouldnt have voted because i've seen the mods do their job, and they do it very well, i think this vote is unnecessary, just my opinion tho.


Retired Administrator
Moderating is not a competition - you do as much as you can, and if you can't do enough then we already know about it.


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Well thanks to the person who voted for me. All the rest of you are banned. :twisted:


Oliver said it, its not a competition but I would also add that If a mod knows you did not vote for them, I know for a fact all of the mods are mature enough not to cry about it and rage because they lost a little vote...


Annoying 13 year old.
I don't really agree with this poll, moderators all seem the same to me. Moderators I think just care about their jobs of well, moderating the server.


Community Administrator
Ohnoes.. The Mad Doctor is beating me?!? :thinking:

Edit: Some of these listed are no longer here, part of the team, or are inactive. fyi.:x3: