Finished my second build in creative

Discussion in 'Creative' started by BigBlob2, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. BigBlob2

    BigBlob2 I don't know me

    I have no clue where my first build is. If anyone sees a cathedral/church please tell me, haha.

    This second build is a 2(3 if you want to get technical) floor tower. Almost everything about it symmetric. It's based in a desert so I made it with desert colors. And according to the player stats it took 18k~20k blocks. If you want to check it out the coords are:

    x: -258
    z: -3604

    Time for pictures.

    2013-11-30_12.52.45.png 2013-11-30_12.53.06.png 2013-11-30_12.53.19.png 2013-11-30_12.52.15.png 2013-11-30_12.52.35.png

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