Fire & Minecarts


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Ok, I was trying to make fireplace with logs and all that good stuff. I got my lighter out (I use PainterlyPack by the way) and I was trying to use it on the wood to start the fire for my fireplace and the fire would start, then go away :eek2: . Fire disabled maybe, or beta messed up? Also, I try to put my minecart down and it wouldn't pop up or anything then it would be back in my hand. :| Just wantin to know why.


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Minecarts are also disabled, because you can bring the server to it's knees if you place enough of them. Ask any mod to start the fire for you when you see one on, they should be able to do it.


minecarts dont work you can end up running trew them, only going half way threw em works then thy fly out like the cannonballs in gulivers travels, only not as far..... :| ALSO THE FURNACE MINCARTS GET STUCK, SERIOUSLY IT GOT STUCK ON A BLOCK OF DIRT NEARBy :evil:

there not very usfull right now it seems notch messed them up with beta as far as i can tell